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      1.  Medium Weave: Using the tail of The Perfect Hair Weaver comb, take a thin, straight section of hair, about 1/8 inch thick. (Note: if you take a section too thick, you will get a zigzag effect and the color or bleach will bleed).


       2.  Pull the hair taut with one hand. Come up from underneath the hair with the comb, teeth side up, 1½ inches from the scalp, parallel to the part. With the other hand, pull the hair straight down into the grooves of the comb, leaving the comb vertical against the scalp. You will see the hair separate into the top and bottom grooves of the comb. You can control the size of the weave by adjusting the placement of the comb in the hair, as described for Very Fine Weave and Chunky/Heavy Weave below.

      3.  Run the index finger of your hand that is not holding the comb through the space between the top and bottom layers of hair. It works best if you do this on the side of the comb that is closest to you. Grasp the top layer of hair. This is the section that will be bleached or colored.

      4.  Remove the comb and place foil underneath the top layer of hair and apply bleach or color.


      5.  Very Fine Weave, hold the same 1/8 inch section of hair taut and straight out from the scalp. Turn the comb at an angle and fill the entire comb from tip to tip with hair, using all of the teeth. Pull the hair down through the grooves of the comb. While keeping the hair in the grooves of the comb, turn the comb back to a straight position, as shown in the Medium Weave photo above step number 2.  Repeat steps 3 and 4.


      6.  Chunky/Heavy Weave, hold the 1/8 inch section of hair taut and pinch the hair at the ends, creating a triangle-like shape from your fingers to the scalp. Do not bunch up or overlap the hair. Bring the comb up from under the taut hair closer to your fingers, using only a few teeth of the comb. While holding this triangular shape, the closer you place the comb to the scalp, the finer the weave will be. Always remember to pull the hair down through the grooves of the weaving comb until you see the hair separate into two distinct layers. Repeat steps 3 and 4.